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A Strapless Bra Is the Answer to All Your Wardrobe Woes

A Strapless Bra Is the Answer to All Your Wardrobe Woes

portrait of Nicole Yi
Nicole Yi

Let the holiday parties begin! As invitations start rolling in and outfit considerations become a cause for stress, you’ll want to lock down a proper bra sooner than later. Think about the countless times a perfect outfit was ruined by the wrong bra. The answer to all your holiday wardrobe needs? A strapless bra you can depend on. See why it’s the way to go all winter (and year!) long.

A strapless is truly the best bra to wear with a halter dress, a strapless dress, an off-the-shoulder, and virtually every other tricky style. Straps will never distract from your look thanks to the bra’s, well, lack of straps. And in case your outfit does call for a pair, our 24/7™ Classic Strapless Bra can be worn with or without as it comes with two sets: a clear set and a tonal set in the color of the bra you ordered.

“I love this style because I feel confident when I wear off-the-shoulder tops and dresses,” said Erica Johnswick, ThirdLove’s Customer Experience Outreach Lead. “You can wear the straps as a halter or even wear them crisscrossed in the back. One of my favorite shirts is off-the-shoulder on one side, so sometimes I’ll wear the bra crisscrossed on only one side.”

On top of having five style options in one bra, our Strapless Bra stays in place to support you all night on the dance floor. The silicone edge helps it stay up as long as you do, while the memory-foam cups lift and form to your curves perfectly.

But before you make your purchase, there a couple fit tips to consider first. According to Erica, you’ll want to start with your usual bra size. Order a strapless bra in your everyday size and adjust the fit as needed from there. “The fit of the strapless bra is designed to be tighter to stay on your body without straps,” Erica said. So don’t be alarmed if you find that your usual size fits snugger than usual. Though Erica personally prefers to size up in the band in this style, she says many women stick to their size for maximum support.

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