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Andrea Rose

Andrea R.
Junior Copywriter who swears by her beloved Classic T-shirt Bra. Loves comedy, cooking, and cats. 

Manon Barraud’s Boob Art Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

March 25, 2020  |  Andrea Rose

Ever wondered what it would look like if a butt had nipples? Or what boobs would say if they could talk? Artist Manon Barraud definitely has. The inventive mind behind the Instagram account GUILTY, Manon has found her niche in playfully showcasing how beautiful, inspiring, and fun boobs can be. Constantly delighted by her imaginative…

Why Allie Lindenmuth Is Dedicated to Maternity Activewear

March 11, 2020  |  Andrea Rose

When Allie Lindenmuth became pregnant in 2016, she found it nearly impossible to find high-quality maternity and postpartum workout gear for active moms like herself. After seeing this gap in the market, Allie’s idea for Anook Athletics was born. Inspired by her mission to support mamas on the move, we talked to Allie about her…

The Story of Our Pima Cotton Bras and Underwear

February 26, 2020  |  Andrea Rose

So…What Is Pima Cotton? It’s all about the fibers. With fibers that are 50 percent longer than those in standard cotton, Pima Cotton is smoother and more luxurious than its shorter-fibered cousin. The result is a premium fabric that won’t pill, feels super soft, keeps you cool when the temperature heats up, and warm when…

Ocean Blues: Colors Inspired by Tranquil Waters and Sea-Facing Views

February 21, 2020  |  Andrea Rose

Curated colors that tell the story of our seasonal inspiration. Here is the story of our latest Ocean Blues.  The ocean has a natural pull on us, providing a soothing refuge from the rattle and buzz of modern life. Inspired by sandy shores, coastal tide pools, and breaking surf, we created our new Seascape, Tempest…

Mood Music: Pima Cotton Wireless

January 10, 2020  |  Andrea Rose

Feeling comfortable, prepared, and stress-free is essential to successfully tackling a busy schedule or sky-high to-do list. So for those hectic, errand-laden, “I have so much to do and not enough time to do it” days, we created the Pima Cotton Wireless Bra. With a zero underwire frame wrapped in light-as-air Pima Cotton, you’ll be…

Mood Music: The Matte & Shine Playlist

November 27, 2019  |  Andrea Rose

Your support system, your girl gang, your family, your ride-or-dies; whatever we call them, we don’t know what we’d do without them. As the days get shorter, holiday stress takes over, and winter weather sets in, we’re relying on our loved ones more than ever to give us the extra boost we so often need…

Iconic Bras from Our Favorite Fashion Icons

November 24, 2019  |  Andrea Rose

With updated attitudes around sexuality, bodies, and nudity, showing off your bra is not only accepted; it’s a fun way to add a little color and texture to any outfit. While it seems like we’re seeing the exposed bra look everywhere, the trend has actually been around for decades, especially amongst fixtures of pop culture….

A History of the Bra

November 16, 2016  |  Andrea Rose

At ThirdLove, we’re usually asking you, “How old is your oldest bra.” But today, we’re asking, “How old is the oldest bra.” Though the bras sitting in your top drawer might seem pretty modern, the first “bras” actually date back to 25000 BC. After all, women have been managing the physics of having breasts for…

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