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Ra'el Cohen


ThirdLove’s Chief Creative Officer

Designer of the bra that started it all, our 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra.  Behind our half-cup sizes, Breast Shape Dictionary and Fit Finder™.  Loves spending time with her young daughter and listening to live music.

How to Wash Bras and Store Your Lingerie

March 05, 2020  |  Ra'el Cohen

Lingerie Care 101  Raise your hand if you’ve ever thrown a bra in the washing machine (guilty). With so much else to worry about in our day-to-day, who actually has time to devote to their delicates? We totally understand the time crunch, but as bra experts, we’re also well aware that washing bras correctly is…

How to Put on Your Bra for a Better Fit

October 28, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

Let’s take things from the top. You can’t know if your bra fits unless you put it on the right way. Fit Expert Ra’el Cohen walks us through every step of the process. From how to put on your bra correctly, to evaluate the fit, Ra’el shares her insider knowledge on how to figure out…

This Is How a Bra Should Fit

September 12, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

4 easy steps to make sure your bra fits perfectly. Step 1: The band should fit snuggly on the loosest hook. Support comes from your band so it is important that it fits securely without digging in, and lines up parallel to the ground without riding up in the back. To maintain a snug fit,…

Lingerie Care

July 31, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

Bra Care  We suggest hand-washing all our bras. We know it’s a bit of a drag, but you’ll be pleased when your favorite bra lasts longer. Here’s the plan in 4 easy steps:   1. Pre-love Dab any stains with mild soap and water and gently rub.   2. Splish Splash Soak for a few…

How to Pack Bras for Vacation

July 24, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

It’s summer and time for a much-needed vacation. Before you put on your Out of Office reply, here are some tips on how to pack your luggage to keep your bras looking getaway ready. 1. Leave them for last. Packing your bras at the very end will prevent them from being crushed. As you start…

I Have Asymmetric Breasts. Best Bras for Uneven Breast Shapes

July 17, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve worked with thousands of women find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.   First of all, you’re in good company. Although 40% of women who take our Fit Finder®…

Fit Issues and Solutions

July 16, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

Types of Underwear Styles For Women

June 28, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

Not to be dramatic, but your underwear is probably one the most important items in your wardrobe. The foundation of every outfit, the right pair can boost your confidence, and your comfort. But one style doesn’t always fit every occasion.  Whether you love the freedom of a thong or the full coverage of a high…

Sister Sizes: The Bra Secret Every Woman Should Know

May 14, 2019  |  Ra'el Cohen

Shopping for clothes is generally a pretty straightforward experience. Sizes become larger as they advance, and that’s that. Bra sizes, on the other hand, are not quite as simple. You have to consider factors such as your unique breast shape, your band size, and your cup size — all of which rarely matches neatly with a…

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