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Tricia Ismail

Senior Editor
Senior Editor who lives in her Lace Balconette in Marigold.
Loves surfing, skiing, and high rise denim.

Are You Supposed to See My Nipples Through an Unlined Bra?

November 08, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

Short answer: that’s completely up to you. What is an unlined bra? Let’s start from the beginning by answering the question, “What is an unlined bra?” An unlined bra, by definition, is a bra made with one layer of fabric across the cups, no padding or foam included. On the other hand, a lined bra…

Mood Music: The Eyelash Lace Playlist

November 07, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

Mood Music features tunes to pump you up, slow you down, or just enjoy. Let’s say this together: you should come first. It’s time for women everywhere to look in the mirror and be OK with prioritizing you, your happiness, and your enjoyment. That’s why we created the Eyelash Lace Collection. Lace bras reimagined, we…

Behind the Seams of the Matte and Shine Collection

November 01, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

A celebration of diverse fabrics coming together for one-of-kind details and silhouettes, our Matte & Shine Collection is designed to help you shine brighter. Vintage-Inspired Bras with Modern Touches The Matte & Shine Collection is a curation of vintage-inspired bras in modern designs, with contrasting fabrics, layered together to create fashion moments you can wear…

Behind the Seams of the Eyelash Lace Collection

October 20, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

For too long, lace bras have been seen as something you wear in short, specific instances and for the pleasure of someone else. We were never ones to follow rules, so we decided to change that.  Lace reinvented, we’ve taken Parisian-inspired lace and turned it into bras and underwear that are designed for your enjoyment…

Katie Couric Is Ready to Make Waves

October 14, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

One of the most iconic women in media and journalism, Katie Couric was the female news anchor we relied on to stay informed on major world events. From NBC, CBS to ABC, she was one of the true trailblazers for women in media.  Today, Katie Couric has moved on from the newsroom and is using…

Behind the Seams of the Unlined Minimizer Bra

October 13, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

What is a minimizer bra, you may ask? We get that question a lot. What is a minimizer bra? A minimizer bra is one that is designed to reduce your bust size. Women who have looked for minimizers are also familiar with minimizing strategies such as the double-sports bra or, as Christina Ricci infamously did…

How Emily Merrell Is Taking the Pain Out of Networking with Six Degrees Society

October 11, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

ThirdLove is a #ByWomenForWomen company, and we make it a point to celebrate strong women who are doing amazing things. Our weekly blog series, #WomenMade, is a chance to get to know some of these standout females who are creating products, services, and tech we love. Outgoing to the point of being in constant danger…

A Closer Look At Our Newly Redesigned Nursing Bra

October 09, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

Motherhood is an interesting transition to say the least. You have a fresh, full plate of things that you need to do on a daily basis and, now more than ever, it is so important that your bra be the last thing you worry about.  Inspired by her own journey through motherhood, CCO Ra’el Cohen…

Meredith Heron Wants to Make Interior Design Personal

October 04, 2019  |  Tricia Ismail

ThirdLove is a #ByWomenForWomen company, and we love celebrating strong women who are doing amazing things! Our  weekly blog series, #WomenMade, is a chance to get to know some of these standout females who are creating products, services, and tech we love. The epitome of a trailblazer, Meredith Heron doesn’t let anything stand in her…

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