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Tricia Ismail

Senior Editor
Senior Editor who lives in her Lace Balconette in Marigold.
Loves surfing, skiing, and high rise denim.

“In Order to Collect Data, You Have to Provide Value to Your Customer”

March 23, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

ThirdLove CEO Heidi Zak Spoke on the Data-Driven Business Panel at Startup Grind Global 2020  Did you know that every time you take ThirdLove’s Fit Finder®, you are helping another woman find her perfect fit? Heidi Zak explains how ThirdLove is harnessing data to help current and future customers find support and deliver a better…

Color Story: Sunset Shades

March 21, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

Curated colors that tell the story of our seasonal inspiration. Here is the story of our latest: Sunset Shades.  Is there anything more magical than golden hour? The moment the sun starts to set and washes the world in golden light, we can’t help but lose ourselves in an overwhelming admiration for life and its…

How to Tell the Difference Between Different Types of Bras

March 19, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

A cheat sheet for all the bra styles and their unique benefits.  Do you like lower cut cups, or a little more coverage? Do you like straps that are wider set, or closer together? Always dedicated to finding your perfect fit, we are utilizing our bra expertise to guide you through the different bra styles…

Say Goodbye to Panty Lines

March 13, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

Our Comfort Stretch Underwear Collection    Smooth, sleek, and beautifully simple, our Comfort Stretch Underwear is made for a second-skin fit that feels like nothing, only more comfortable. A no show underwear designed to eliminate panty lines, our Comfort Stretch Collection is stitch-free with smooth seams—no bunch or digging—so that every pair fits perfectly, and…

Parenting Tips From Real Parents

March 07, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

ThirdLove Parents Share Their Tried-and-True Advice “My five-year-old told me that I need to take more photos of her. When I asked why, she said it’s because she’s much older than her sister and will die first so her sister will probably want to look at pictures of her after she dies — she currently…

Soles4Souls: How an Item Becomes an Opportunity

March 06, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

A Soles4Souls x ThirdLove Partnership Story For some of us, getting dressed every day is something we take for granted. What if we couldn’t do it? What if you actually had nothing to wear, to the point where you weren’t allowed at your job or school. Dressing for the opportunities you want, and need, is…

True Botanicals Founder, Hillary Peterson, Is Ushering in the New Age of Natural Skincare

March 04, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer as a young mom, True Botanicals founder, Hillary Peterson, started taking a closer look at the beauty products she used daily. After learning more about the potentially harmful ingredients present in all sorts of substances, Hillary transformed her frustration into a passion for creating a skincare line that’s good…

The Artisan Lace Collection

March 02, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

No matter how you style it, lace has always been synonymous with romance. But when we set out to create our new Artisan Lace Collection, we wanted to evoke not the romance typically equated with a partner, but rather a feeling of self-love for the person you’re working to become. Nostalgic Lace Meets Modern Touches…

Katie Stuart Talks to Us About Bras and Underwear As Self Care

March 01, 2020  |  Tricia Ismail

Whether it’s a cozy corner of our home, the park up the street, or our local coffee shop, we all have that place we go to for a moment of relaxation. ThirdLove reached out to some of our favorite women to learn how they create a sanctuary and personal oasis in their own homes. A…

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