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A Closer Look At Our Newly Redesigned Nursing Bra

A Closer Look At Our Newly Redesigned Nursing Bra

We recently launched a new and improved Nursing Bra design – the 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra. We sat down with our CCO, Ra’el Cohen to talk about the newest design features.

What inspired you to recreate the Nursing Bra?

When I became a mom and started shopping for nursing bras, I realized the options were bleak. There were very few styles or colors that appealed to me (and most of them had polka dots and bows!). I wondered why a nursing bra couldn’t be as beautiful as the other bras in my drawer—so I decided to design one myself.

What are the new features of this bra, and why did you decide to make them?

Pregnancy is a demanding time—both physically and emotionally—and motherhood comes with a whole new set of challenges (I’ve been there!). We set out to make a great bra that checked all the boxes for new and expecting moms. Our Nursing Bra provides sizing flexibility with an additional hook and eye closure on the back that can be adjusted to comfortably fit your changing body. We also wanted to elevate some of the details on the bra to feel truly beautiful (and less “utilitarian”), so we swapped out the plastic drop down cup closure with beautiful gold alloy hardware instead. In order to provide even more sizing options, we also made the bra available in cup sizes B-I.

What is the bra made of and why did you choose this material?

We chose Pima Cotton because it’s a natural fabric that is soft, breathable, and gentle against even the most sensitive skin.

What’s your favorite feature of this new bra?

After having a baby, nursing or pumping can feel like a full-time job. As a new mom, I remember being surprised at how often I needed access to my breasts (taking a regular bra on and off just wasn’t an option). So one of my favorite new features of this bra is the gold alloy hardware that easily clasps / unclasps. It makes the process of breastfeeding and pumping so much easier.

What other bras in the ThirdLove collection do you recommend for expecting mothers, and post-partum mothers?

The 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra and the Seamless Lounge Bras are also great styles for expecting and postpartum mothers because they provide wireless comfort. 

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