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The Graphic Lace Collection

The Graphic Lace Collection

portrait of Emanuel Perez
Emanuel Perez

Different features of ThirdLove's Graphic Lace Underwire Demi Bra in pink.
Graphic Lace Demi Bra in Rose Dust.


If you have taken the time to look up “feminine” in the dictionary, you would have been met by an archaic sentiment confining women to being delicate, demure beings who cannot fend for themselves. Defined as being gentle, sensitive, and dainty, we wanted to give women the opportunity to redefine feminine on their own terms.

Crafted with deliberate details, the Graphic Lace Collection is designed to reinvent the feminine aesthetic. A ThirdLove original lace design, we’ve paired this delicate fabric with bold, graphic lines in a smooth texture that highlights the unique components of each bra and underwear silhouette, and celebrates the beautiful duality in all women.

Finished with our signature touches of memory foam cups, itch-free band, and cotton lining in every pair of underwear to keep things breathable, the Graphic Lace Collection is equal parts style and comfort.

“…we wanted to give women the opportunity to redefine feminine on their own terms.”


See the Graphic Lace Collection in both a demi bra style and a plunge bra style along with their matching high waist and cheeky underwear styles below:


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