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So, What Exactly Is a T-Shirt Bra?

So, What Exactly Is a T-Shirt Bra?

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Kate Kittredge

You’ve got your pushup bra, your balconette bra, your full coverage bra, and the list goes on. With so many different styles designed for different purposes, it’s hard to keep track of which bra does what. But the one bra that’s probably the most important essential in your wardrobe is your t-shirt bra. And if you don’t own one yet, it’s definitely time to add one to your bra drawer ASAP. Find out why ahead!

What is a t-shirt bra?

A t-shirt bra is traditionally a demi-cup style (mid-coverage) that creates a smooth silhouette, no matter what you’re wearing. This styles forms to your shape and strikes the perfect balance of comfort and support, making it the perfect everyday staple. If you’re looking for bras that don’t show lines, this is a simple style you can always rely on.

What do you wear with a t-shirt bra?

Aside from the obvious, you can wear a t-shirt bra with virtually any top as t-shirt bras are designed for no visible bra lines. This style is especially great to wear underneath blouses and shirts made of thinner fabrics. Pro tip: opt for a shade that’s closest to your skin tone if you’re wearing a sheer or white top.

Which breast shapes are t-shirt bras best for?

T-shirt bras work well with most breast shapes, but are especially recommended for Athletic, Bell Shape, and Relaxed breasts. These shapes could benefit from this style’s ability to naturally lift and even out fullness.

Not sure where to start? Our 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra is our best-selling style, thanks to its wearability. It features luxe pleated straps for no-slip comfort, body-hugging memory foam cups, and flexible (no-poke!) underwire. Not to mention, it’s available in our exclusive half-cup sizes for the perfect fit.

For more information on other need-to-know bra styles, like uplift plunge bras, check out our Bra Style Guide.

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