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The Truth About How Often You Should Wash Your Bras

The Truth About How Often You Should Wash Your Bras

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Nicole Yi

Bras tend to be one of those items you forget about on laundry day next to pillowcases. And what’s the harm, right? No one else will know. But just because you can get away with wearing dirty bras, doesn’t mean you should. Not only is it kind of gross, but your bras also deserve to be treated with the utmost care — especially if you paid up for quality. Here’s how long you can wear a bra before washing it.

How often should you wash your bra?

The same rule for washing jeans does not apply to bras, meaning you shouldn’t go without cleaning them for as long as you can. But you also don’t have to wash your bra after every wear either. We recommend giving them a clean every one to two weeks. The frequency really depends on how many bras you wear regularly. For example, if you keep five bras in rotation, you can probably get away with washing them every month or so.

What is the best way to clean your bras?

By hand, hands down. Bras are delicate garments with over 30 technical components, so treat them gently. If you don’t have time to hand-wash your bras, you can machine-wash them as long as you put them inside a mesh garment bag. Hook the clasps, wash on cold and delicate, and lay them out to dry. But never, ever throw bras into the dryer! Check out our video for how to wash your bras and other lingerie dos and don’ts.

Hate doing laundry? Same. One way you can avoid having to wash your bras on a weekly basis is to have more bras. We say having a healthy rotation of at least three to five bras is great for wardrobe versatility and even better for your wash load.

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