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How to Wash and Store Your Lingerie

How to Wash and Store Your Lingerie

portrait of Ra'el Cohen
Ra'el Cohen
Chief Creative Officer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thrown a bra in the washing machine (guilty).

We’ve all been there — you don’t have time to hand-wash your delicates, so you just toss them in the weekly laundry load. Think again!

As bra experts, we recommend hand-washing your bras as it’s the best way to preserve their shape and substantially extend their longevity.

We get that hand-washing isn’t always an option — especially when pressed for time — so we included some tips on how to wash your bras in the washing machine responsibly. Here are our tips and tricks for washing (and storing) your lingerie to ensure they last longer and prove to be worthy investments.

1. Hand-wash your bras.

Here’s how to wash lingerie, using ThirdLove’s Lingerie Care Kit and a little warm water:

First, dab any stains with mild soap and water, and gently rub.

Then, soak for a few minutes in the sink and gently work the suds into the fabric. Rinse.

To get rid of any excess water, gently fold your bra against a towel before laying it out to dry. (And, remember: don’t ever put your bras in the dryer! The heat actually breaks down the elastic and spandex, making your bras fall apart sooner than they were intended to.)

2. Use lingerie bags in the washing machine.

If you’re truly in a pinch and must throw your bras in the washer, wash on gentle cold, ensuring you’ve hooked your bra together to avoid snagging it on other items. You should also use a mesh lingerie bag to protect your bras from harm.

Same goes for underwear. Wash on gentle cold, always using a lingerie bag so no snags happen. To dry, either use your lowest dryer setting or lay flat on a towel to air dry. Extreme dryer heat can break down the elastic and spandex in your underwear, causing them to age before their time.

3. Store your bras standing up in a drawer.

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to storing bras is to be gentle with your lingerie. I encourage everyone to store their underwear laying flat in a drawer, so they have room to breathe.

As for bras, stack them (never folded in half), with cups inside of each other to help them hold their shape. Lingerie drawer dividers and boxes can also be great to help bras stand up tall when they don’t want to on their own. And, to make it easier to find your favorite bra in the perfect shade each morning, color coordinate both your bras and underwear from lightest to darkest.

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