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Keep Our Bras For 60 Days — We’re That Confident You’ll Love Them

Keep Our Bras For 60 Days — We’re That Confident You’ll Love Them

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Like in any good relationship, it’s all about trust. And building trust with our customers is one of the most important things we can do as a company. We understand that you’ve been let down by other brands before. Maybe the product wasn’t the same great quality as promised, or the support team was anything but supportive. But here at ThirdLove, we actually deliver what we say because superior quality, outstanding customer service, and exceptional product are everything we stand for. That’s why millions of women across the country wear and love our bras.

ThirdLove’s Fit Guarantee

Our 60 Day Fit Guarantee was built on these very standards. If you notice any immediate fit issues right out of the box, such as gaping cups or a loose band, contact our expert team of Fit Stylists immediately for another size recommendation. But if it’s feeling and looking good, go ahead and take the tags off, live in it, even wash it. We’re so confident in our product that we’ll take back standard orders within 60 days if you don’t love it for any reason.

That gives you two months to experience a bra unlike any other. Exchanges and returns are always free, and our Fit Stylists are available seven days a week to resolve any fit issues, suggest styles for your breast unique shape, and more.

Bras get a second life

We don’t let returned products go to waste, either. All gently worn bras are donated to our bra donation partners who then distribute them to women and girls in need.

We guarantee an impeccable fit and lasting comfort in a style you’ll love — trust us.

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