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How to Put on a Bra

How to Put on a Bra

How many times have you put on a bra? If you wear a bra daily, after just three years, you’ve put on the straps and fastened the hooks nearly a thousand times. Seems simple enough right?

However, we’ve seen a bevy of fit issues in our day, with even the most experienced bra-wearers. While they’re not something to call 911 about, a slipping strap or an uncomfortable underwire can be the kind of low-level aggravation that slowly saps your energy or drives you nuts.

The good news is that many of these issues can be fixed with some simple tweaks to how women put on bras. We know small changes can make a big difference, so here are our top tips for putting on a bra:

How to put on a bra:

  1. Loop each strap over each of your arms and place the straps on your shoulders.
  2. Reach back and clasp the bra hooks on the loosest hook setting.

Note: From a fun poll we held, we learned many women also like put on their bras using the Hook and Twist method. This involves clasping the bra from the front and twisting the cups to the front before putting on the straps. How ever you like to put on your bra, you do you. #ToEachHerOwn

1. Start on the loosest hook

Make sure your bra feels snug and comfortable on the loosest set of hooks. Wearing your bra on the loosest set of hooks allows you to move to the inner hooks as the band stretches over time and extends the life of your bra.

2. Do the scoop and swoop

Once your bra is on, make sure your breasts are laying comfortably in the cups.

How do you scoop and swoop?

  1. Using the opposite hand for each breast, reach across and cup your hand underneath the opposite breast (scoop).
  2. Lift each breast (swoop) and position it comfortably in the cup while using your other hand to position the underwire or band comfortably under the breast. A scoop, then a swoop, and you’ll be better supported.

3. Tighten the straps as you go

Sayonara, slipping straps. Make sure you’re tightening your shoulder straps every other month so they stay snugly in place—and so do you.

How do you tighten bra straps?

  1. Move the sliders along the straps until the straps feel snug and comfortable on your shoulders. Not too tight that they dig in or add pressure to the shoulders.
  2. Try on the bra to see if the straps are snug enough. Adjust again if needed. 
  3. Place the bra straps comfortably on the shoulders. Depending on the style, some straps will lay parallel to each other (like our 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra) while other straps will rest closer to the neck (like our 24/7 Classic Racerback Bra).

Additional reporting by Cathy Bishop. 

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