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7 Bra Facts That Will Surprise You

7 Bra Facts That Will Surprise You

portrait of Nicole Yi
Nicole Yi

At ThirdLove, data rules everything around us. It affects how we develop products, create the customer journey, and make just about any of our business decisions. Most of our insights come from Fit Finder, which has provided over 600 million data points to help us create the best-fitting bras. But our latest source of data? Your bra drawer.

Someone may not openly admit that their bra is the oldest item they own (no judgment), but that’s the kind of info we find helpful. So when we recently surveyed hundreds of women to learn more about their bra habits, we were excited — and surprised — about some of our findings.

Now, we know what our customer wants. She’s likely in need of a new everyday bra (bras have an expiration date, by the way!) and she’s probably looking for a little more coverage. For all you ladies whose bra is a few years old, you are not alone.

Check out our survey results below!

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